Tour Kenya: 2 wks @ price of 1: cheap Kenya tour packages

1. Kenya-Africa tour; animal and lion Safari Packages

Tour Kenya holiday experience is touted to be the most comprehensive in csr racing 2 hack tool Africa. It is the only country that you will experience 3 distinct climatic conditions namely, Coastal Humid, cool highland and dry desert. The Tour Kenya safari package attractions here also range from the (1) white sands beaches Tour Kenya and safari package, (2) wildlife park safari package,
(3) the scenery of the Great Rift Valley Tour Kenya package,
(4) the green plantations of the highlands package,
(5) the cradle of mankind archeological sites Tour Kenya package,
(6) Rich cultural Tour share this website Kenya and safari package,
(7) Climbing of show-capped Mount Tour Kenya package among others.

Kenya has managed to maintain its wildlife in natural areas in National Wildlife Parks and wildlife Reserves. The big five wildlife including Rhino, Lion, Leopard, Elephant and Buffalo are all found in these parks including the small wildlife.

Among the best Tour Kenya parks include the indomitable (1) Maasai Mara Wildlife Park (2) Nakuru National wildlife Park (3) Aberdares National forest Park (4) Tsavo National wildlife Park (11,000 kms equal in size to Israel) (5) Samburu Game reserve (6) Amboseli National Wildlife Reserve - Among other 57 Wildlife Parks and Reserves Nairobi National Wildlife Park is the only park located within a capital city in the world. Lions, Zebras, gnus, Leopards, Rhino, Buffalo are 5inutes from the CBD.

2. Tour Kenya and safari: Wildebeest Migration

The single most popular wildlife spectacle in a Tour Kenya is the annual wildebeest migration to and back from Serengeti into the Maasai Mara. The wildebeest migration is such a phenomenon it involves movement of over 2.5 million animals crossing plains and rivers. The huge migration is such that the satellites in space pick it up as a fluid mass of black trail. The Maasai Mara lodges are usually overbooked and full in the migration months of June-Nov.

3. Lion and Oryx

Some years back a story extra ordinaire caught the attention of international media. This was the story of an old lioness called 'Namunyak' in Samburu National Reserve. The lioness had formed a bizarre habit of adopting 6 young Oryx for days on end. The lioness was so protective of its adoptee(s) that she couldn't go to hunt for fear of her being killed by the males of her pride.

This made her loose a lot of weight but still held on strong. On six different occasions the lioness adopted an Oryx calf one after the other despite being frustrated by the male lions and disposition by the rangers. Namugaki is still out there in the wild while the 6th adoptee was rescued by the Kenya Wildlife Service Rangers and can now be seen mature at the Nairobi orphanage.

4. Mzee the Tortoise & Owen the Hippo

Haller Park is the former world reclaimed Bamburi Nature Trail at the coast. Reclaimed from cement Quarries of Bamburi Cement Factory the park has been fully rehabilitated with Casuarina trees and stocked as a zoo with giraffes, hippo gazelles Oryx, Eland, fish, snakes, etc.

A very recent and ongoing development at Haller Park has been the extra ordinary friendship between 100+ old tortoise and a young 2 year old hippo. While Mzee the Tortoise has seen it all unfold at Bamburi, Owen the baby hippo was orphaned after the mother died elsewhere. Now, the story is said that Own started to spend time with Mzee (Old man) upon arrival at the Park. This bond has now developed such that the two, feed, sleep and walk together. They are inseparable and Owen is especially aggressive to any intruders.

Other stories always emerge of unique unions between different wildlife species including one between a lone buffalo and a murderous black Rhino in the Maasai Mara play moviestarplanet hacked Game Reserve. It all goes to show how free ranging animals take their entitled liberties.

Wildlife viewing in the Mara is done in 8 seater Mini vans and land cruiser trucks. The Mara is so beaming with wildlife that you can almost touch an elephant feeding one meter off the road. And that is from right next to the gate. Balloon tours are the most satisfying way to view the gazillions of wildlife and especially the big five balloon tours are booked on demand from Nairobi.

5. Kenya-Africa tours and safaris: Beach

Nothing beats a coastal holiday safari package like ones experience in the Mombassa Kenya-Africa tour. White Sandy Beaches. This is especially good for visitors in need of lazing around in the tropical coast sure for a tan and swim. Other water sports available along the beaches include - Water/wind skiing - Surfing - Deep sea fishing - Scuba diving - Swimming with dolphins - Jet skiing - Coral garden snorkeling and Glass-bottomed boat rides into marine parks.

The accommodation facilities along Mombasa beaches range from 4-5 star deluxe with top of the range international service standards. You can make your choice between Mombasa beach cottages, lodges, hotel and eco-camps.

6. Kenya Sport Tours and safaris

Kenya is globally recognized for its world class, record breaking athletes. Our success in International athletic gains is attributed to high attitude training. World standard high altitude camps have now been started and cater for athletes looking to improve performance.

In addition there is now a national calendar of Marathons in your Tour Kenya that athletes can test their performance i.e. Nairobi Marathon, Lewa Marathon among others. Lewa Marathon is especially unique as it takes place in the middle of a game community reserve.

The runners compete in the middle of Lions, Buffalo, Zebra, giraffe etc. It is a world famous event that attracts international participation. Other sparking activities in a Tour Kenya popular with visitors include Deep Sea sport fishing, the Coastal annual Regatta

Lodge based Kenya tours average between USD 250 to USD 400 depending on the luxury sought.

Camping on the other hand enables you to sample the real Kenyan tour wilderness and freshness of nature. Camping incentive safaris depend on the group number and the larger the number, the lower the cost. An average of 4 travelers pays USD 100 per day per person for this 14 or less day鎶?package.

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