Radiate Kindness to Transform Your Life

I am new to this ‘radiating kindness’ thing but I am fast learning how powerful it is. It is an attitude that can change your life, your level of happiness and help you attract amazing things to yourself as well. When you are radiating kindness you begin to feel like not a lot else really matters! Things that would have previously really annoyed you will roll right off your back.
Radiating kindness is about appreciating everything in the world. A stone, a flower, a cool breeze, a trash can, the seat you sit on in your garden – everything serves its purpose. You don’t have to wear daisies in your hair and skip everywhere – its just you notice how everything in the universe is related. A kind of strange thing I am super grateful for is the guys that collect the rubbish bags off the streets day after day after day. It is such an important job – imagine the state of our lives if we couldn’t get rid of rubbish!
When you radiate kindness…
You seem like a new person (to yourself and others)
You are capable of attracting much bigger and better things to your life
Your thoughts are healthier
By thinking better your body actually is healthier (less anger, less adrenaline in your veins)
You see things differently –the world seems like its totally love this website different, but it’s actually just you!
You are more likeable and make nicer company!
You are no longer a victim (‘poor me’) - you are in control
You will forget what its like to be grumpy
Your partner will fall even more in love with you
You never know what can come from radiating kindness. I covet fashion hack tool read a story once about someone who let csrracinghackcheatzs.com/ someone share their cab because it was raining bucket loads; they then got out of the cab to carry this persons bags to the fifth floor before returning to the cab. This person later lost their job and ended up in Paris working with huge jazz stars (jazz was their real passion) because that person they shared their cab with’s Grandmother was a famous jazz singer that got him and ‘in’.
Radiating kindness very much holds hands with gratitude, the law of attraction and intention – the energy we put into the world we get back. The main difference I’ve noticed is I just feel happier and very peaceful. Sure the negative, judgemental thoughts still pop in to say hi, but only for a split second.
When you remember that ‘I don’t think like that’ it vanishes – and happens less and less often. It has been a great boost to the other law of attraction techniques I use in my life like meditation, visualisation and prayer. I have much more space in my head. My day is no longer filled with petty, pointless thoughts – there is a bit of peace and quiet happening in there!
When your mind is filled with constant judgemental and negative thoughts you don’t get time to just ever ‘be’ or to ponder where you are going, or how wonderful life is. I feel like a better person, I feel like a wiser more mature person. No matter what your age, if you have constant mental banter about totally inconsequential things you may as well be 14 years old again!
As we get older though, it doesn’t come naturally that we start fresh, mature and life serving ways of thinking. We just continue how we always have, we may be mature in other ways, but if our mind is still preoccupied saying “that lady’s outfit is dreadful” - we aren’t being all we can be. It’s not YOUR outfit so mind your own business! A quote I remember when thoughts about others squeeze their way into my head is “there is your business, God’s business and other peoples business – stay in your own!”
It is altering our mental habits, capabilities, focus and choices that transform our lives the most. Doing that then changes our physical realities and all our dreams come true.

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